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OMG You're Engaged Now What...

OMG You're Engaged... As you may have guessed, this post is dedicated to the newly engaged. Firstly big congratulations on your engagement, it is a very exciting time for you. I am sure all of the questions are being asked like When is the big day?, Is your wedding at home or away?, How many bridesmaids are you having?, How many are going? and your like WOW hold on.... Am I Right? 

To help you a little I am sharing some wedding planning tips from both myself and real brides who have been through it, I really hope you find it helpful.

💗On your wedding day, take a few minutes away from the party with your partner to chat and watch your guests. Take it all in, this is the day that you have planned and wished for.  
💗Pick the top three things you're not willing to be flexible on and plan around their availability e.g. venue, wedding date.

💗Focus on the comfort of your guests, food, and entertainment.

💗Remember it is your wedding and not the ones you see on Pinterest.

💗Find …