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GlowDry Australia A Brides Fake Tanning Bestie

Hello ladies, this beauty post is dedicated to GlowDryAustralia. A beauty product developed and created by Fiona, an Irish businesswoman living in Australia. Her vast experience in the beauty industry lead her to develop this must have no fuss product. 

N.B. Although I have been gifted this product all opinions are my own.

Once you try GlowDry it will fast become your fake tanning bestie for your wedding prep and beyond. When it comes to your wedding beauty prep tanning will most likely be part of it, whether you choose self-tanning or spray tanning. There are so many options when it comes to tanning brands but some elements still remain such as tan odor, transfer, and the stickiness on the skin after application. 

Tanning for my wedding involved a spray tan like it does for most brides and their bridesmaids. After my skin felt sticky and the only option was to stand in my underwear and wait for the tan to dry so I could get dressed (Oh why wasn’t GlowDry in my life back then). Then there is the smell that comes with the tan as it develops and the fear of wearing white in case it transfers. Sound familiar, well this is where GlowDry will soon become your must-have wedding tanning product. 

What is GlowDry?

 GlowDry is an illuminised drying powder that not only smells divine, it also... 

⚡️Dries your fake tan instantly so you can get fully dressed
🙊Masks fake tan odours with a beach fresh scent
🧖🏼‍♀️Leaves the skin soft and silky, completely eliminating stickiness
👊🏽Reduces transfer of tan to clothes and sheets
Above from GlowDry Australia 

With GlowDry you can tan, get dressed and go, this means no standing around ladies. 

GlowDry Australia 

 Glow Dry Application

After tan application, allow 2-4 minutes for your tan to settle into the skin and then apply GlowDry. The application can be full-body or just to the areas that get sticky e.g. under boobs, arms, underarms, behind the knees and along the neck. The large brush supplied is so soft and due to its size, it makes application super quick. My top tip for application is to put some powder to the lid and work from that because if you are like me and a bit clumsy you may drop the full jar. Simply dip the brush into the powder and lightly dust the powder on.

The White Test

I have been testing GlowDry for the last month. When I was testing I had brides in mind and with brides comes white, so I had to test wearing white. After one of my tanning and GlowDry Applications, I wore a white top. I was going to a concert and as you can imagine, this involved loads of walking, dancing and perspiration. My developing tan did not transfer onto my white t or bra, now normally if I tan and get dressed in white it will transfer. I was really impressed by this (you see the results on my Instagram under my GlowDry highlight). I had a WOW moment with these results.        

The GlowDry starter kit 

Bridal Tanning Top-ups

GlowDry will ensure the bridal tanning top-ups are stress-free. You or your bridal party may need a little tan top-up in some areas on the morning of your wedding or the day after as the celebrations continue. As no bride has time to tan the night of their wedding, with GlowDry you can apply the next day and party away and do it knowing that GlowDry will absorb the tan and dry it without effecting how the tan develops.  

Another top tip you can apply Glowdry the morning of your wedding before you put your dress on, it will absorb any sweat that is there and protect your dress. It can be used on the armpits aswell as the powder will absorb sweat. Nerves do kick in on the morning of your wedding it is only natural and having tips like this can really help.

Also, a great product to bring on Honeymoon, it is easily packed and I think it would make such a lovely addition to your bridal party gifts.  

The Ingredients

GlowDry contains natural and organic highly absorbing powders, a boat load of shimmering minerals with a fresh fragrance. We even use a clay Ingredient sourced directly from Western Australia.

I believe in simple honest sustainable ingredients sourced locally where possible. GlowDry Australia is talc free, cruelty free, vegan friendly, titanium dioxide free, paraben free, filler free and always will be! It’s what I live by! 
Where can I purchase?   
You can purchase the GlowDry starter kit online for €30.22 and the good news is that some beauty salons also stock and use GlowDry, you can check  GlowDry Australia for the listing. 
The Bestie GlowDry Australia

“The Bestie” is a refill pouch which will fill your jar up twice and a little bit more at €41.70. If you and your bridal party are getting a spray tan, don't forget to ask if they GlowDry or you can bring your own along with you. 

In the words of the creator.....I am so proud of what I have created, this Australian first, I’m beyond excited to share this with you fake tanning babes worldwide! 

And proud she should be, such an amazing award-winning product that has been receiving rave reviews. This is the beauty product you never knew you needed until you had it.

The GlowDry Australiastarter kit voted best body care 

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So there you have it, all you need to know about GlowDry Australia.
Happy wedding planning & tanning ladies.
 I hope you enjoyed reading. 


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