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Wedding Styling With Frog Prince Wedding & Events

This post is all about Frog Prince Wedding & Events. I sat down with Sharon Griffin, the creator of Frog Prince Wedding & Events to chat all things wedding styling. When it comes to decorating your venue, ceremony space it can seem very overwhelming,  not when you have the team from Frog Prince managing all your needs as the stress is taken away for you. Chatting to Sharon was a real treat for me as I am a huge fan of their work. As you can see they create and deliver the most breathtaking designs.  

“Sharon has been in the event design and styling business for over a decade, with a strong background in marketing and events, a flare for floristry and an ever-present and very prominent creative streak”

At Frog Prince, we are passionate about one thing: your wedding day. We know how much it means to you, and from the moment we meet you, we share that excitement. From the smallest of nuptial celebrations to the large and lavish, our one goal is to help your vision become a reality so you can start making memories that you will cherish forever. 

How did Frog Prince Start?

When Sharon was planning her wedding 2006 she found that there was no one-stop service where a couple could source their styling, e.g. linen, flowers, furniture. Everything had to be ordered separately, which can be difficult on couples. From this need and gap in the market, Sharon decided to setup her own company.

Starting off she styled shoots and got her friends involved, she designed a book of flowers to showcase her work and services. She also styled some friends weddings and after that things started to move and it was all down to word of mouth. Frog Prince now employs 14 full time staff and 6 contractors.

What  services do Frog Prince offer?

Frog Prince offer various services from production, styling, floral design, luxurious draping and furniture. You can read more about their services on their website here

“No other company does what we do. We produce and direct your day from start to finish. We do everything in-house from floral design to linens and draping” 

There are three types of couples that come to Frog Prince.

Couples who rent:
This couple will want to add something extra to their wedding decor e.g accessories.They normally come in a few months before their wedding. Whatever the budget Frog Prince will work with you on it.

Styling Package:
This is for the couple who want their venue styled, for this the main features in the room and venue are complimented.   

Wedding planning:
For the time tight couple Frog Prince will look after all of the details. 

Example of a styling consultation.. 
When you meet with Sharon, she will sit down and chat to you about your wedding date, venue and budget. What you like and do not like, you can show any pictures that you have on what they like and want .

A Mini Style board is then drawn up after the consultation for you to see. As Sharon pointed out, one common element in styling is the linen, think about it.  When you look at styled picture for a wedding reception what is one thing that they all have in common”
Linen is the base from the table covers to the napkins.  Everything else will pop from that, a good tip and one to remember. 

I asked Sharon to share the colours that are popular in 2018 
What is coming in 2019

Neutral Tones 

Bold Colours
       Eclectic Mix
        Black & White
        Powder Pinks (how delicious does this sound)
        More Texture
Frog Prince are conscious of the budget that couple’s have and they work within that. They work to give couple’s the best value for their money.  Venue styling is about enhancing and highlight (I thought of makeup, enhance and highlight what is already there so the eye is drawn to the natural features). There is no middle person at Frog Prince, the flowers, draping, linen etc are all provided and designed in house. 

There is no outsourcing and they pride themselves on this. Other suppliers styling elements such as flowers, can be outsourced which adds an extra cost. Better for the budget I think, if it is all in house you know exactly what you are getting.  
A couple might have an idea of what they want and the cost might not fit the budget. There is a focus on trimming but keeping the same aesthetics, removing something and replacing it with another option. The core and heart of what the couple want remains the same” For the couples planning, it is important to note that the first option and cost is 
not the final option and cost.
 The process:
“From developing the overall style and story of your wedding, to executing fine personal details, we handle everything with careful thought and purpose. We help you process your ideas and offer guidance on how to filter, enhance, and translate them into a unique event that is completely reflective of you both as a couple”

 When to book Frog Prince

Couples book anywhere from 12 / 6 and 3 months out for their wedding. It depends on the level of service that you require. Frog Prince now have bookings coming in for 2021.

At the consultation you will be asked your venue, how many guests, what you like do not like. They will offer advice and work with you on whatever your vision is.

You might be surprised by this one, (I was) the colour palette is not chosen until 6 months before the wedding. Which makes sense as seasons change, couples might change their mind on what they first wanted, I suppose as your wedding develops your taste can change to what you initially wanted. 

Some couples/brides are extremely organised (hands up, this was me) they book early they know what they want and others do not like to be tied down they will come in at a later stage.

After the consultation and booking the Frog Prince “bridal dream team”you will leave knowing that you are in safe hands.   

Top tips from Sharon:

- It’s OK to be unsure, you do not need to know it all.
- Have an idea of your budget when booking services.
- Think about items that have a bigger impact, feature pieces rather than loads of  smaller elements. 
- Do not sweat the small stuff. Wedding planning is a flow, you jump on and off at different stages.  
- Do not stress,
- Do not fall into the fads (unless you want to of course).
- Look online and do your research first before you book or visit a supplier. Ask they fit in with you want as a couple and your wedding. Then make an informed decision. I would say be as fussy with your wedding suppliers as you are with your venue.
-It is not a competition......this is your wedding.


To end our chat I asked Sharon to describe Frog Prince in four words

Team Work   

So there you have it wedding styling with Frog Prince Weddings & Events
Yours in wedding planning 
Mary R


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