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Getting Bronzed With BRONZ' EXPRESS

Hands up who loves tanning? I know I certainly do. This post is dedicated to tanning with BRONZ' EXPRESS. I was recently gifted some of their newly launched products to try out. Although these products were gifted to me all opinions expressed are my own.

Image via BronZ' Express

BronZ' Express tan was launched in 1960 as the first-ever self-tanning lotion. The tan combines a unique combination of serval active ingredients that interact with the amino acids present in your skin to give you a gorgeous glow. 

Image via BronZ' Express

The three products I tested out were:

BronZ'Express Shower Gel Scrub  €23
BronZ'Express Beautifying Moisturising Lotion €20
BronZ'Express Tinted self-tanning lotion Intense  €29

How do the products work?
These three products work together to ensure that you achieve that gorgeous glow. For me, self-tanning is a four-step process
1) Exfoliate 2) Moisturise  3) Applying The Tan 4) Upkeep

Step 1: Apply the gel shower scrub in the shower at least 24 hours before you tan. Pay close attention to your knees, elbows, and ankles. The scrub will also help to remove any rough patches I found it very gentle to the skin.

Step 2:  Apply the Beautifying Moisturising Lotion, this is a lovely light lotion that can also be applied before you tan. "Ingredients include Collagen from the sea, Thermal seaweed extract, Moisturizing complex of plant origin and Allantoin which softens and calms irritations"

Step 3: Apply the BronZ'Express Tinted Lotion Intense. This is in liquid form, so if you're not used to using a liquid tan you should take your time with it. The liquid comes out quickly so pour it slowly onto the tanning-mitt to ensure it doesn't spill. A little goes a long way as this lotion spreads really well and sinks into the skin.

Step 4: To maintain the tan use the Beautifying Moisturising Lotion after

BronZ'Express Beautifying Moisturising Lotion and Gel Scrub

BronZ'Express Tinted self-tanning lotion Intense

My thoughts

I really enjoyed using the BronZ' Express products. My skin type is pale and freckly. The intense lotion developed beautifully into a natural looking tan. I received a lot of compliments and people had only good things to say about BronZ' Express on social media after I shared the results. It's a brand that's around a long time and it's a good one.

In terms of tan drop off, not much washed off which is always a plus, nothing worse when half your tan goes down the drain. Another tip when washing off the following morning, don't use loads of shower gel and pat the skin dry.

Before Showering Off 

My tips for applying to hands, face, and feet use a foundation brush. Apply the tan to the tanning mitt a small amount will do and just dab the brush into it. For the face use, a tiny amount and avoid the eyebrows/hairline.

Before Showering on my legs 

In-between I used the lotion to maintain my tan, on me, it lasted five days. It faded really well on arms, back, chest. On my legs, there were some areas like my feet went slight patchy, but that was around the fourth day and after Zumba fitness (an hour of dance and sweat) so not overly bothered by that.

The after results

You can see the bottle after one use, not a lot was used for the whole body. So don't let the size fool you as it will last.

So there you have it, my initial thoughts on BronZ' Express Intense lotion, I will definitely continue to use the products. 
really liked how it developed and faded on my skin.

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Yours in tanning  Mary 


Bronz’ Express is stocked in all pharmacy groups including Lloyds Pharmacy, McCabes Pharmacy, Sam McCauley Chemists, Shaws Department Stores, Medicare and most independent pharmacies. 


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