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Fab Hair Don't Care With Mane‘n Tail

Over the last few weeks, I have been trying out some Mane ‘n Tail products, a brand I knew about but had not usedAlthough these products were gifted to me all views expressed are my own.
The History behind the brand
Mane ‘n Tail, the original horse to human crossover shampoo provides fuller, stronger, longer, healthier hair. Developed in New Jersey almost 50 years ago, Mane‘n Tail started life as a horse grooming product which delivered high gloss, increased nourishment, and stronger hair growth in the animals. Clever horse owners tried Mane‘n Tail on their own hair and soon discovered that with just the tiniest amount of this ultra-rich formula, they too enjoyed outstanding results and amazing improvement in dry and damaged hair.

I chose the Colour Protect products to try out, as my hair is coloured and highlighted regularly. I also use heat on my hair for adding waves and straightening, due to this I would also experience dryness. 

The  Products I used were:
Colour Protect Shampoo: 
For use on dry coloured hair; to nourish, improve texture and promote hair growth.
Colour Protect Conditioner:  
Intensive conditioning for dry coloured hair. 
A leave-in conditioning treatment, producing silky tresses that are effortless to style.  Liberally spray onto damp hair and brush through with ease, no matter how matted the hair.

My hair after using Mane'Tail
Mane‘n Tail  have a selection of products to suit various hair types and once you know what yours is you can choose away. You would be surprised by the number of people using the wrong type of hair products, I was one of them until I started to take care of my hair and what I use on it. Choosing the right products will make a difference to the condition of your hair, when you know your hair type you can pick from the following products:

For non-coloured hair to nourish, fortify, and promote healthy hair growth, as well as balance the natural oils on the scalp.

Deep Moisturising: 
Moisturising treatment for dry, damaged, brittle hair, only once or twice a week, and as a monthly leave-in treatment, if required.  Also suitable for use on hair extensions.

Herbal Essentials: 
For use on all hair types; fortifies and promotes hair growth, and also good on coloured hair that has oily tendencies.

Gentle Clarifying:  
A light, replenishing formula designed to restore, revitalise and recondition for a renewed, silkier, healthier look and feel.  It’s gentle enough to use every day while completely removing daily build-up.

Hair Strengthener:  
An advanced daily leave-in conditioning treatment that provides essential protection to help achieve longer, stronger, healthier looking hair.  Also acts as a protection layer preventing heat damage from hair straightness and hair dryers. 

After using Mane‘n Tail 

How did I find the products?

Firstly I was impressed by the size of the bottles, at 355ml it's a very generous size, which means you get more for your money. I used all of the products to obtain the best results, shampoo, conditioner and the detangling spray after.
I tend know pretty quickly if a product is not suited to my hair as my hair tends to knot after washing. This did not happen with these products even before I applied the detangling spray my hair brushed out fine.
I used a small amount of product as a little is all you need. No need to overload your hair with product, as Mane‘n Tail shampoo contains high lathering agents that are fortified with moisture. After using the products my hair felt soft, fresh and it styled easily. 
I would describe Mane'n Tail as an affordable brand offering great results. 

Mane‘n Tail  
The Cost?
Products start at €7.00 for the regular 355ml shampoo and conditioner, Mane‘n Tail is available in Dunnes Stores (larger stores), Boots and in pharmacies nationwide. The Hair Strengthener spray costs €13.00 for 178ml bottle, and the deep moisturising range is €9.00.

Their moto is "Small Application Big Results"
Horsehair is five times stronger than human hair, so Mane‘n Tail is very concentrated and takes just a small application for long-lasting results.  As well as improving texture and promoting growth in all hair types, Mane‘n Tail’s Deep Moisturising Shampoo can also be used on hair extensions and helps match the texture of the extension to that of the natural hair.

After using Mane‘n Tail 

So there you have it, my thoughts on Mane'n Tail and as one follower said to me
"If it's good for Jennifer Aniston then its good for me"
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