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"I'm With The Band" Ger & Amy's Wedding Story

This story is dedicated to Amy and Ger, an alternative wedding story that will inspire many couples to plan their wedding their own way. 
The Love Story
Amy and Ger met in work nearly eight years ago and they got engaged the day they moved into the house that they built.

“Ger proposed to me in loo but he won’t admit that. As I scrubbed clean our new kitchen in my sports bra & leggings without a scrap of makeup Ger called Amy upstairs saying that their en-suite was leaking”
“As I ran up he caught me in the door told me to close my eyes as he had something for me – I started a diet (probably that day) and I asked “is it chocolate” – it wasn’t it was my Grandmother’s engagement ring”

The Wedding Venue
As Ger plays with a wedding band called Jaker & Co he is at weddings every weekend.  They knew they wanted something different.

"Originally, we wanted to go abroad but it was too much of a headache. So one Friday evening Amy typed ‘small alternative wedding venue’ into Google"…

"A Love Around The Corner" Jordan & Stephen's Wedding Story

This wedding story is dedicated to Jordan & Stephen. They shared a special connection from childhood, their love story started from living around the corner from each other. 
Suppliers are listed at the end of their story.

The Love Story

"We were great friends for years before he asked me to be his girlfriend at 14" 

Jordan and Stephen were together for 11 years when the question was popped. Stephen took Jordan away on a surprise weekend to Faithlegg in Waterford" We had a lovely dinner and afterwards we walked around the hotel to a balcony that was covered in fairy lights and we walked to the top of that balcony.  He got down on one knee and as they say the rest is history"

The Dress