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Some Of My Current Makeup Favourites

Hello all, can you believe we are nearly at Christmas already? I do love the build-up to it though. Not the crazy shopping but the time off to relax and spend with my Family and it is much needed.

For this post, I want to share with you the makeup that I am currently loving. I am including all four products in the one post because I used them to create my makeup look shown in the post. If you follow my social media platforms you will have seen me chat about my love for these products already. You can follow my blog  on Instagram Facebook  Twitter

These Custom Glow liquid highlighters from Primark are fab. If you're looking to save and not splurge on a liquid highlight then these are perfect and they would also be a great stocking filler. They are €5.00 each and they come in three beautiful shades. I picked up two of them in  "Pearl Blossom" and "Star Gaze".

These can be worn alone or mixed in with your daily foundation to add a subtle glow to the skin. I prefe…