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Get Cleansing With The Nivea Complete Cleanse Range

A few weeks ago I attended the Nivea Cleansing Blue Room event with The Voice UK & Celebrity make-up artist Lauren Murphy. Nivea is one of those household brands, I remember Nivea was always used in our house and when I started using skincare products I used Nivea. With so much noise around skincare and the must have brands, I think we sometimes forget about the classic products that have always been there and which work.

At the event, I was reminded of just how good Nivea is. I was treated to a complete personal cleansing experience. It was much needed as I had been working all day so my skin needed to be freshened up. My makeup was removed using products from the Nivea cleanse range, the products felt fresh, soft and light on my skin. With a very gentle smell from them, my makeup was then lightly reapplied and my skin looked very refreshed from it.

Lauren then demonstrated how some of the products work on the skin. She removed half a face of makeup to show just how effective th…

Brust Into Sumer With Penneys

Hello all, are you starting to shop for your summer wardrobe or are you thinking about it? Well, I have some fab inspiration for you from my favourite high street shop, yes it's Penneys.

For my Summer look, I usually go for light trousers, dresses, and plenty of cami/vest tops. Penneys have a great selection in at the moment and they come in every colour. I can never have enough of them and they are very affordable. If you're not a fan of a thin strap then opt for a tee or a vest top with a thicker strap on it. For the changing Irish weather, I go for skinny jeans, kimonos and a light blazer.

This fresh collection from Penney's is going have us all dreaming of hotter days and warmer nights.

The "High Summer" collection hitting Penneys nationwide looks amazing. You will have noticed that some pieces have hit stores already, the collection is vibrant, fresh, laid back, youthful, chic and very cool.

There is an explosion of colour with "Old Havan" influenc…

Boyne Hill House Estate Your Exclusive Wedding Venue

Hello all, I am back with my Wedding Venue Feature. I will be putting the spotlight on different venues that I know you are going to love. The last feature I did went down really well so I decided to do it again, sure any excuse to go visit venues and I am gone.

Recently I visited  Boyne Hill House Estate this exclusive wedding venue has been on my radar for a while, so I was very excited to go visit it. Boyne Hill Hosue is located in the picturesque surroundings of Co.Meath, it dates back to the 18th Century so you can just imagine the charm and history that it beholds. The drive up to the Estate is very beautiful and tranquil. I couldn't help but picture how a couple would feel making their way up to the Estate. If I had all the good feelings about it I know a lot of newly engaged couples will.

When you drive up the roadway to the Estate, the historic house peaks out from the woodlands. I will admit that it did take my breath away, I actually said "WOW" to myself.