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A Wedding Festival Focused On The Alternative

Image from Green Shoe Events

Hi all, hope you are doing good. A few week's ago I went to the very cool venue of the Chocolate Factory to see the first ever KBCWedfest. Grainne from Green Shoe Events came up the concept of the festival from planning her own wedding. When searching for something away from the traditional in terms of venues and suppliers she found it difficult to find something that catered to their alternative needs. 

Wedfest focused on the non-traditional, providing Brides and Grooms with alternative options and ones that fit their individual personalities. The format of weddings has changed and it continues to do so. There are more options in terms of venues, decorations, suppliers right down to how your ceremony is conducted.

What I liked about Wedfest:

  • Tickets were so affordable at just €5.00, as you know planning a wedding can be expensive work.
  • There was a lovely atmosphere on the day, very relaxing (now that's probably because I am already married)
  • It was not overwhelming (The bigger fairs can be extremely overwhelming due to their size and a number of suppliers)
  • The suppliers had an individuality to them and most are starting out in business, I really liked this element, supporting the smaller business.
  • There was plenty of time to chat to each supplier, that feeling of being rushed and trying to break through a crowd for a chat was no there. This all added to the ease, experience, and personability of it all.

Below is just a sample of what was on offer at Wedfest. It is definitely one to check out when it comes back again, you will not be disappointed. 

Entertainment at Wedfest was provided by the very talented  Apple Blossoms

I have been a follower of Leanne from The vintage Wedding Fairy for awhile. She is wedding planner that specialises in everything vintage. Her attention to detail is second to none. Brides and Grooms now, more than ever before are all about the details and adding those extra elements in that embody who they are as the couple.

Alice Halliday , featured below, had the most beautiful creations on display. Among other things, she designs bespoke bridal gowns and headpieces, Alices headpieces are feminine, dreamy, delicate and pretty. You can see from the pictures just how beautiful they are. If you are into vintage, boho, you are going to simply fall in love with Alice Halliday Couture.

ConArtist, A pretty cool vendor, she custom paints shoes, runners and accessories. how amazing are these heels and runners? Definitely for the bride that wants some comfort on her wedding day. For some brides to be it is all bout having the perfect pair of runners. If you are into comic chic, you are going to love these heels shown in the image below. Now imagine them paired with a tea length wedding dress, very fabulous.

The Lovely Little Label, was set up in 2016. WhaI like about their pieces is the affordability of them and they have so much choice. The couple behind the label were telling me that their venture started by selling bridal umbrellas. 

Umbrellas make for a pretty cool wedding picture and it does not need to be raining, they can be used in the sunshine too, the love heart umbrella is shown below. Another favourite for me were the slippers, they are so pretty and the beautiful dressing gown.

When it comes to wedding photographers there is so much choice out there and how they approach weddings has changed. I have noticed this in the five years since we got married. 

They are more creative, offering bespoke packages and they really want to capture your wedding/love story. Bronte Photography was one that embodies all of the above, oh to get married again.The images below speak for themselves, their work is beautiful.

The Temple Wolf a really cool and affordable collection of jewellery described as a "Store For Boho Dreamers" it definitely is. I think of Drew Barrymore or Kate Hudson when I see this type of jewellery, it is laid back, chic and a style I am drawn to personally.

Their pieces would make for an alternative bridesmaid gift and also for your honeymoon jewellery to bring you from the beach to the nighttime.

Who doesn't love Balloons? I really liked the idea of these, they perfect for adding the element of fun to your wedding. These are from Balloons For You  

What a great statement below from Balloons For You:

"We think seriousness needs to be grounded… permanently. To us, balloons aren’t just hot air...Balloons are the cherry on top of a surprise party, of a big anniversary, of a gift, balloons say: here comes the fun. And we love fun. Fun is our weapon of choice. Wacky, tacky, stylish, rosemantic and magical, with our balloons ideas every occasion can be instantly elevated". 


Lastly, here is Baglady Designs, wedding stationery with a difference. All the illustrations are hand drawn so they are 100% authentic. The detail in them is simply breathtaking.
"Baglady Designs makes eco-friendly stationery featuring the whimsical illustrations of Sheena Power."

Yours in weddings, beauty & Fashion

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