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A Wedding Festival Focused On The Alternative

Hi all, hope you are doing good. A few week's ago I went to the very cool venue of the Chocolate Factory to see the first ever KBCWedfest. Grainne from Green Shoe Events came up the concept of the festival from planning her own wedding. When searching for something away from the traditional in terms of venues and suppliers she found it difficult to find something that catered to their alternative needs. 

Wedfest focused on the non-traditional, providing Brides and Grooms with alternative options and ones that fit their individual personalities. The format of weddings has changed and it continues to do so. There are more options in terms of venues, decorations, suppliers right down to how your ceremony is conducted.

What I liked about Wedfest:

Tickets were so affordable at just €5.00, as you know planning a wedding can be expensive work.There was a lovely atmosphere on the day, very relaxing (now that's probably because I am already married)It was not overwhelming (The bigger fair…