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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello everyone hope you're all good. Can you believe it's April now all we need is for the weather to improve a little. So it can actually feel like spring now that would be great.

For this post I am sharing some of my favorite  products. Ones that I am loving lately.
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Love & Sparkle

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil.

This is another amazing product by the super fabulous Marissa Carter (seriously, who doesn't adore this lady). I love the tan and now I am in love with the oil. What I love about it is that it lasts, you only need small amount beauce the pigment is so high in it. I use it on my cheekbones,  down the centre of my legs and on my decollage if it is on show when going out.

Images below have no filter on them.

Top tip for application, use a clean blending eyeshadow brush for applying to the face and a clean foundation brush for applying to legs. This will also ensure that your hands are not full of sparkle after using it. Pick up your golden goddess oil in Penneys and pharmacies nationwide for €11.99.

Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation:

I was in the market for a new day foundation and I had heard good reviews on this, so I decided to give it a go. I am really liking it so far and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. The cover is light to medium, depending on how you build it up.

It goes on to my skin effortlessly and it lasts, I only have to touch up once with powder on my forehead and nose area. I use the MAC primer before applying foundation so that would help with the staying power.  The colour I went for is in  Soft Beige. It smells really good, the texture is soft and silky. It definitely gives a glow to the skin (that's what it promises to do) which is great, because I am up very early during the week with creche runs and work. I need something that is no fuss and Mammy proof. There is also an SPF15 in it and for €11.49 it is worth a buy.

Fuchsia Pure Cover Natural Mineral Concealer: 

I am a longtime fan of Fuschia Makeup. It is an Irish brand with stores located in Drogheda and Swords. They also sell in pharmacies nationwide. It's my go to place for getting my makeup done or special occasions. For €25 (without lashes) you get amazing makeup and the price is redeemable against products in store now how fab is that.

I had my makeup applied there a couple of weeks ago for for a wedding and I spoke to Emma my makeup artist on the day. I was looking for a new concealer because I have noticed that my current one from Catrice was cracking on my eyes and sticking to my lines (not a good look). She used their mineral concealer on me that day and I decided to purchase it.

Now this is a wonder product, because it adapts to your skin tone and foundation. It comes in one shade. It has a cream to powder texture and it is moisturising, needless to say, I am really enjoying this product. It has not stuck to my eyes which a big bonus, it also blends in beautifully and is lightweight. This €21.50 to purchase and it is one of their best selling products. Images below of my makeup.

REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot:

I attended the launch of this new REN product in February and I have been using it ever since. You only need to apply a small amount of this to the eye as it spreads very well. A rice sized amount is enough. As always be gentle with the application I always dab it in using light motions.

NEW! A light gel-serum that instantly lifts and dramatically brightens the delicate eye area. Visibly diminishes dark circles and puffiness. A liquid matrix of Hyaluronans lifts and tightens. Regular use will reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet, improving the overall look of the eye contour.

This Eye Serum gives your eyes an instant lift. It is like strobing for the eyes as the light reflects off it. What I really like about this product is that you can re-apply it over your makeup if you feel your eyes need to be refreshed. I really like this product as it has hydrated my eye area and my crows feet are softer than they were (I like to call them laughter lines, sounds nicer) as when I am very tired my eye area suffers. It gets very dehydrated looking, now I am a Mammy to two girls, one 10 Months and one 3, so I am going to be tired alot of the time.

With the lovely David Delport from REN

The serum retails at €40 but but it will last a long time. This was my first time using REN and I am very impressed. I also received samples of other REN products and the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Skin Mask is very fab too.

Waxperts Body Oil:

This is another product that I have been trying the last few months. Waxperts Wax is developed by another fabulous Irish Women, Ellen Kavanagh. She is another powerhouse and a very inspiring person. I do not get Waxed but as Ellen herself has said, you do not need to get waked to use the oil.

Normally it is used as an aftercare oil from waxing. I use it after shaving my legs or you can use it all over the body if you want, as it contains lavender. Another great use for this oil is that you can apply tan after shaving as it sooths the skin. Now normally this would be a big no no, well for me anyway, as I break out in a rash if I apply tan after shaving.

Simply apply the oil to the skin and then apply your tan and it goes on lovely.  The oil sinks in straight away and it doesn't have a greasy residue like some oils do. The only thing for me is that I would love the lavender scent to last longer. Waxperts Wax is used in salons nationwide and you can purchase the oil here for €12.99 .I have just recently ordered a new one as mine is nearly gone.

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant:

I had used this as a body cream for years then stopped and now I have gone back to it.
It smells divine (who doesn't love the smell of cocoa butter) and it is affordable. After a shower or bath juist latter this all over your body. It leaves the skin feeling lovely and soft. It is just a great all round body cream.



  1. Great! Love it. Every female wants to become beautiful also me. Do you know? how to tan perfectly, then let me know.


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