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Get Festival Ready with Penney's

With Coachella in full swing, and festival season fast approaching, the fashion stakes are high. Festival chic need not cost a fortune because Penneys, as always, have you covered. From accessories right through to footwear. Just wait till you see what's in store. As normal the fashion is holding the spot light, never mind the amazing performers.

Festival wear can be many things and it's something you can definitely play around with. You can go from boho, rock, grunge to hippie, adding statement jewellery and boots to vamp up your look. Why not try some face and body ink or transfers to add another dimension to your look.

I love looking at festival wear but I will admit I haven't been to one yet, but if  could choose, it would be Coachella. I Would love to experience it for sure. The closet I am getting to a festival is with the new snapchat filter (I adore it!!).If you're looking for style inspo that's close to home, follow super blogger Erika Fox (Retro Flame B…

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello everyone hope you're all good. Can you believe it's April now all we need is for the weather to improve a little. So it can actually feel like spring now that would be great.

For this post I am sharing some of my favorite  products. Ones that I am loving lately.
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Love & Sparkle

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil.

This is another amazing product by the super fabulous Marissa Carter (seriously, who doesn't adore this lady). I love the tan and now I am in love with the oil. What I love about it is that it lasts, you only need small amount beauce the pigment is so high in it. I use it on my cheekbones,  down the centre of my legs and on my decollage if it is on show when going out.

Images below have no filter on them.

Top tip for application, use a clean blending eyeshado…

Wedding Venue Tips

If you're recently engaged the next natural step will be to start looking for a venue. If you are getting married in a Church my advice would be to book your church first, especially if you have your heart set on a certain church/ location. If you book your venue and then go to book the church and the date you want is gone it can lead to a whole host of complications.

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Happy Planning.  Love & Sparkle xxx
My tips:

Limit your venue viewing to three a day.  Anymore and it could be overwhelming and will most likely lead to a row.

Have you got a theme for wedding? if YES, think, does the venue have to match it.

Visit with an open mind.

Have your budget in mind in terms of what you can pay and ask what are your options in terms of payment.

Wen I tryed on my wedding dress I got that WOW feeling and I felt this with our venue and th…