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eBay Makeup Brushes And Mesh Covers

Hello everyone, I have missed writing up blog posts for you all as I am back in work after maternity leave. I am getting used to the routine now of going back to work and being Mammy to my little ones when I come home in the evening. So far so good, I am settled back into the new routine as is my Husband and our two girls.

For this post I wanted to share with you some brushes that I have recently purchased from eBay. I just purchased two of them to test the quality, before I went buying more. I also purchased some really handy mesh brush covers. All of my items arrived in under 3 weeks so that's  not bad at all.

I am no stranger to eBay I have been buying jewellery from there for years. I do see see the same statement jewelry being sold online here and in shops for triple the price I pay.
Yes you may need to wait for 4 weeks until it arrives but I do not mind that, unless I need something quickly I will pop into Penney's and see what they have in store.

So back to the brushe…

Organic Surge Review

Last Month I was kindly sent some Organic Surge products to try as I could not attend the launch night. I will admit that I had not heard of this brand before, but I was interested in trying some of the products due the fact that they are organic. For me organic skincare is always good skincare and Organic Surge provide a diverse range of products for your face, skin, hair, body and baby. The price point of the products is so good, seriously the products start at at €5. The range is being haled for being both affordable and luxurious.

OrganicSurge is here to add a new level of enjoyment to your daily beauty routine with a range of truly natural products designed to balance, nourish and boost complexions while protecting precious skin.  All OrganicSurge products are packed full of natural and organic ingredients that blend natural hydrators, antioxidants and sumptuous essential oils to deliver radiant sensational skin, naturally.

Organic Surge has been haled as an affordable,organic and…

Step Into Summer With LIDL

Last Month LIDL launched  their Esmara spring/summer 2016 collection a couple of weeks ago. I was gutted I missed the launch as it looked very fabulous across the Social Media platforms that I followed it on. One item that people went crazy fro was the multi coloured bikini (featured below) it has the look of designer for a fraction of the price. That is sure to fly out once it lands. 
But fear not, as I have a sneak peek of what is due in store from May. This is just a taster, there will be so much more in store. As always the price point is extremely affordable and perfect for SS16. If you're on a budget then head to your local Lidl, you never know what gems you will find.  All images below are tagged with prices and release dates.
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Love & Sparkle xxx 

        Esmara knitted striped top, €5.99, on sale 19th May 2016 Esmara chino shorts, €7.99, on sale 19th May 2016     Esmara metallic sandals, €8.…