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Wedding Table Names

If you have been following me for awhile you will know that I am all about the detail. So much so I have written some blog posts on it. As I have said before a little detail can add that extra bit of sparkle to your wedding.

When it comes to choosing what you will do for your table layout you might just think, ah sure we will number from 1-12. I would say give it more thought, as you could do something different that your guests will remember or if you're happy with going for numbers then maybe do something different with it.

When we were getting married,I did not want the plain table numbers. I wanted to do something different (and my Husband was happy to go along!!) so after much searching I decided to name each table after a quality of marriage. It all sounds very soppy I know, but it was special to us and romantic I think.  Below are the qualities that we choose:

Love (this was our table)

Once you get going thinking about table names it will be hard to stop. For this post I have put a list together for you and of course added in some fab images from pinterest to get you started.

Table name ideas

Favourite Songs
Places you visited as couple
Famous Actors
Film titles
Film quotes
Cities or Countries you have visited
Lines from Poetry
People who inspire both of you

Beer, wine or fav cocktails
Letters from the Alphabet
Good old fashioned numbers
Colours e,g gold,blue,yellow ,pink
Different coloured balloons
Flowers e,g. Rose,tulip,lily
Fashion Designers
Images of shoes e.g heels
Your life story
Famous on screen couples

Love & Sparkle


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