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So as per usual I went into Penneys just to have a look. Fast forward 30 minutes later and I come out with half the shop. Sure we can relate to that, honestly it is like a black hole in there.

So I picked up some key pieces for AW and I wanted to share them with you. This Coat is just fabulous on. It may not look much on the hanger but trust me try it on. I cannot wear heavy jackets so this is perfect for me as it is light.  This coat is fitted and is very flattering on and it looks much more expensive than it costs. Will be great for casual and dressy wear. It was a steal at €35

So fringing is everywhere. It it was only a matter of time before Penneys had the fringe boots in store. I was very lucky to get the last size 5 today. Aren't they just fab and will be perfect to wear with skinny jeans and dresses for a casual day look. These are €23.

I also picked up this fabulous fringed bag (I was very excited when I spotted this). I had my eye on a a very similar one in H&M and it was €30. This is just €15 and it also comes in a brown. The quality is so good, it is also right on trend and it will be perfect to use during the day.

I also got this cute box for €6. It will be perfect for my dresser to put my jewellry or makeup in.  

Lastly I picked up this contour brush and  NYC cheek glow in riverside rose. I think that this blush was featured on Xpose as a good buy. I have heard good things about the contour brush too. Even if it turns out not be good, it was only €2 so not a lot of money wasted there. 

All of these were bought in the Pavillions store in Swords.

Love & Sparkle


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