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A Gift With A Personal Twist

Are you looking for alternative gifts that are affordable, personal,different and fun. If your answer is yes,yes and yes,then let me introduce you too these two Irish Companies Personalised Hangers  and Totes Amaz Bags. They both specialise in custom made products based on the needs of the customer. Their products can be bought for a whole range of celebrations from birthdays,christenings, communions or the birth of a new baby.  

First up Personalised Hangers they custom make hangers to your need and  style. I think they are so beautiful. My personal favorites are the Mrs and Nursery hangers. You can choose what colour hanger you want and the colour of the wire. They do a great bridal package, Bride and 3 Bridesmaids for €50.

Totes Amaz Bags make personalised bags, each one is hand painted. You can design the bag so they look the person and represent an element of their personality. They are another great gift to give and they also make personalised fairy doors, now that's cool a…

Finally Contouring is getting the push

Anyone else as happy as me to see that contouring is not as popular in the makeup world. I personally could never get used to it. I think it looks amazing in photographers or on a night out when done right. If you prefer a more heavy look. I believe strobing has been around before it was just called highlighting then. So do not be confused!!!

For me I prefer a more natural look when it comes to makeup. The whole idea with strobing is that you can see the skin and it is not heavily covered up. 
I have been using the Mac Strobe Cream for a few months now. You can also strobe with powder. 
Mary-Loumanizer by the Balm
Mac Soft and Gentle 

What I like about Mac Strobe?

It makes the skin look radiant,fresh and healthy (for tired Mammies like me it's a must) It's easily applied. It's a no fuss product, there is no messing with it. It can be worn alone or added after foundation is applied. With some blush you are good to go. 
Love & Sparkle xxx
Handy face chart below. It'…

It's all in the detail

When I was getting married the detail was really important to me. Our guests or even my Husband for that matter may not have noticed or remembered the little things, but I did. Things like chair covers, chair ribbons, lights,center pieces and church decoration.

While I was out today in the Pavilions Shopping Centre I spotted some lovely pieces in Dunne's that would add something extra to your tables ,Church or ceremony venue.

I am always drawn to lanterns I do not know what it is about them. I even bought two large white ones to for my wedding venue in Roganstown. I had this vision of  placing them on the balcony whicht was attached to the room. The balcony was much bigger then I thought and I ended up keeping them, so now I have them in my house. If you purchase or make your own decorations you can add them to your home or give them to your bridal party/close friends as a little gift after the wedding (that's if some of the guest do not take them them) we all know this happ…

Tell us about your skincare

So,on Saturday I stayed in  Dunboyne Castle Hotel on a spa getaway with my Sister and it was super relaxing. We got chatting about skincare and we spoke about the sheer amount of products that are out there. It can make choosing skincare products very daunting. There always seems to be a new product coming out that "You just have to try" and it can leave us ladies feeling very confused and broke (if you buy into the hype). Firstly I wanted to share with you the facial that I got done in the Hotel and my own skincare routine.  

So I decided to go for  the Image Facial  in Seoid Spa during our stay and it was truly amazing. My skin is still glowing today. The difference with this facial compared to others I have had is that the results are instant and the products smell amazing too.I try to get facials done as often as I can this is definitely my facial of choice now.This facial would be great for any brides to be, I wish I had of known about it for my wedding day.

This is …

It's All About The Dress

Once everything has settled down after your engagement and the planning starts. When some of the big bits are booked like your venue/photographer. You will then start to be asked this question constantly by your friends and family  "So have you thought about your dress yet?" There are so many different styles and designers out there.This can make choosing your dress extremely difficult and overwhelming for some. If you watch "Yes To The Dress" you will know exactly what I am talking about.

I purchased my dress from The Town Bride in the Powerscourt Center (the first shop I visited). On the day of my appointment I was advised to try on different styles so I could get a sense of what suited me. I had one dress selected that I definitely wanted to try on in Town Bride from Ellis  Bridal. After completing my other appointments, I then went back to Town Bride tried the dress on again and picked it as my wedding dress.

This post features some of my tips and examples of …