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Apraise Power Serum For Lash & Brow Growth

For the last month I have been trying out Apraise Power Serum on my lashes, a brand and product that is new to me. I was curious to see if it worked so I said yes to testing it and this post will tell you all about it. Although the product was gifted all views are my own.

My own lash history, I wore lash extensions for over three years and I decided to take a break from them last year. My natural lashes were not damaged and that was down to the application of them and the expertise of the lash technician. I did notice that they where lighter, especially at the ends they were not as full as before.   

So what is Apraise Power Serum? Here is the science part..

Formulated specifically for lash & brow growth, Power Serum is infused with Optiplex™ Growth Technology which stimulates the hair follicle to encourage and speed up hair growth. These active ingredients nourish and improves the appearance of short, brittle, lashes and thin, sparse brows by providing optimal hair anchorage whic…
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"It Went From There" Lynsey & David's Wedding Story

This wedding story is dedicated to Lynsey and David.  A mutual love of music brought these two together. All suppliers are linked at the end of  the story 

The Love Story
Lynsey and David met while at Music College in DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama. A musical love story, their music teacher paired them up for a duet competition at the Feis Ceoil. As Lynsey says, “It went from there” they did not win the competition that year or the next it was third time lucky for them.

They moved in together after a year and a half, into a small flat in Dublin and they then moved to Glasgow together in 2016 so David could continue his studies at the Royal Conservatoiren of Scotland. Then came the proposal
“That December, just after our 4 year anniversary David proposed on the Ferris wheel at the Edinburgh Christmas Markets. He had chosen the ring himself and it was perfect. We celebrated by drinking hot apple gins and ice skating, it was beautiful”

The Venue

Before Lynsey and David moved to Glasgow, t…

"It Was A Perfect Fit" Mags & Gerard's Wedding Story

This post is dedicated to Mags and Gerard and their wedding story. 
A couple who certainly knew what they wanted for their special day. 
Wedding Suppliers are linked at the end of their story.    

The Proposal:  Gerard popped the question to Mags while she was pregnant with their son Oli. They were due into the hospital that morning for the big scan and it was Mags birthday. A very special occasion for them. After the scan, they went for a lovely lunch across from the Rotunda. After lunch Gerard had something else in mind and he insisted on going for a walk in the National Botanic Gardens.
Gerard is a Superintendent in Howth Golf Club and as part of his studying; he was located in the Botanic Gardens so they are quite special to him. Whilst in the Botanic Gardens they visited the tropical house, such a stunning building in the gardens.
"So we went into the tropical house and when the coast was clear Gerard got down on bended knee and produced a beautiful solitaire and unbelievably it w…