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Have you heard of SEMI DI LINO? It’s a bestselling hair treatment line from ALFAPARF Milano.  Recently I was invited into the brand new ALFAPARF Milano Ireland Academy in Dublin to experience the Semi Di Lino unique three step in-salon treatment to detox, care and gloss.
The Semi Di Lino treatment line has been renewed and enhanced, I was a total newbie to the brand and products. Yes, I had heard of the range but I had never used it. I noticed instant results post-treatment and because of that I feel the need to share my experience with you, the treatment will literally change your hair. 
As mentioned above there are three steps to the treatment. Firstly, your stylist will have a chat with you in relation to the condition of your hair, what your main concerns are, how often you colour and how you style it.

I get my hair coloured every 6-8 weeks. For my last colour, I changed from balayage back to blonde highlight with colour. If you are blonde you will know it is high maintenance. My Mai…
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Nimah and Brians Hollywood Wedding Story

This post is dedicated to the Wedding Story of Niamh and Brian. A real-life Hollywood romance full of twists and turns but in the end, they get their 
"Happy Ever After".

Niamh and Brian meet online in 2014 and their love blossomed over chats on horror stories. They had talked about meeting up but for one reason or another, it didn't happen. As faith would have it they meet randomly on a night out in Dublin. 
Now In Hollywood, this moment would be known as a"Meet Cute" a scene in a film where a future romantic couple meets for the first time. From their "Meet Cute," their romance blossomed. They dated, met each other's families and friends and soon became inseparable. 

In May 2015 they found out that they were expecting and Brian popped the question on Christmas Day, which was Niamh’s due date.  “Harley Rose was born on January 5th 2016 and after a couple of months adapting to life as parents we started our wedding journey”

Both Niamh and Brian work in…